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Type 1 Epping

Same day delivery of Type 1 to Epping 

We stock, Type 1 MOT, Type 1 Limestone, Type 1 Granite, Type 1 recycled crush concrete 

Type 1 Harlow

We Offer same day delivery of Type 1 to all of Epping and surrounding areas. For more information on prices contact us now! 


What is Type 1?

Type 1 is mostly used as a subase for patios, artificial lawns, driveways, menages and much more. The name itself actually refers to the size of the aggregate typically 63mm down to dust. It comes in many varieties such as limestone, granite, MOT, and recycled crush. MOT is the most expensive as this has been Ministry of Transport (MOT) approved and is deemed fit to use for highways However for the standard patio or gardening project this is not usually required.  

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