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Type 1 MOT 

Sharp Sand 

Top Soil 




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Here at Herts and Essex Aggregates we can offer same day delivery of aggregates including; type 1 MOT, type 1 crush, ballast, building sand, road planning's, pea shingle and topsoil to all of Chelmsford and surrounding areas. We know how important it is for deliveries to arrive quickly and on time to prevent the hold up of your gardening or building project, which is why we will always aim to give you your preferred time of delivery so you can plan you working day around what you want to accomplish. Want to know more? All you need to do is give us a call today and we will be more than happy to give you a quote and lead time. 


Type 1 Harlow

Type 1 recycled crushed concrete, Type 1 MOT and Type 1 Granite or Limestone all available here. 


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Available for free delivery. Click here to find out more!



We only offer premium Topsoil here at Herts and Essex Aggregates. Prices start at £16 per ton



Tarmac planings, limestone scalpings, we stock both. 


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Get your 10m & 20 m white or gold shingle right here


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Get your 10 & 20m ballast delivered in loose loads

What are aggregates? 


Ballast is a mixture of sand and stone. It comes in two sizes, 10m and 20m. Ballast is often not used on its own but rather mixed with cement and water to make concrete. The 10m ballast makes for a more finer concrete suitable for subbases of patios etc and 20m usually used for things like footing or foundations. Here at Herts and Essex aggregates we supply 10m and 20m Ballast. We can deliver your Ballast and cement to all of Hertfordshire and Essex including Harlow, Chelmsford Bishops Stortford, Braintree, Dunmow, Basildon and much more. We specialise in providing deliveries of loose loads of ballast to small builders and domestic households. For more info on lead time please contact us today.

Type 1 MOT

Type 1 is mostly used as a subase for patios, artificial lawns, driveways, ménages and much more. The name comes from its size which is typically sold as being 40m down to dust however it can be legally anything from 63m down to dust. It comes in many varieties such as limestone, granite, and recycled crush. MOT is the most expensive as it has been approved for use of highways, the name MOT is an abbreviation for Ministry of Transport (MOT), however the ministry of transport was abolished in the 1970's and has now been replaced with Department for Transport but the name hasn't changed people still refer to it as MOT to this very day.

Building Sand/ Sharp Sand 

Sand is a very versatile building material. Its used to make concrete and plaster, it can be used as final layer of subase for an artificial lawn or even in patios and children's play areas. There are many different uses for sand and it comes in many different varieties from building sand, soft washed sand to play sand. Here at Herts and Essex aggregates we supply all types. If you want to know more about prices and lead times give us a call today we will be more than happy to help. 

Tarmac Plannings 

 Scalpings are a quarry waste material. They are clay contaminated or in the case of road plannings a recycled aggregate from tarmac. Although this may not sound very desirable, this type of aggregate is very useful and cost effective for using as a subbase. It is much cheaper than Type 1 and can be used for a subbase, filling potholes, farm tracks and can even provide a base for a patio. Scalpings and road plannings are not suitable as a drainage material due to the high fines content and the risk of ground contamination. However the are a very useful and cost effective material in there own right. On a hot day tarmac plannings can be rolled out and compressed to provide  hard even surface. To find out more about getting scalpings delivered to you area, contact us today for a free no obligation quote. 

Pea Shingle

Shingle is a type of decorative stone commonly used in gardens and driveways. It come in two colours known as white and gold. White shingle having more of a whitish appearance in colour as shown below and gold shingle having a more golden/brown tone as the name suggests and displayed in the image above. Both are equally as decorative and its personal preference to which colour you prefer, however white shingle tend to be a little cheaper. 

There are two main types of shingle, 10m and 20m. The smaller variant being more ideal for driveways as it provides a more even and flatter surface and the larger 20m variant is more suited to decorative edging in gardens or pathways. 

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