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Topsoil Essex

Get your Topsoil delivered anywhere in Essex today Including, Chelmsford, Harlow, Basildon, Braintree and Colchester. we supply topsoil to all of essex and we pride ourselves in only using the finest quality topsoil for all our trade and dometic customers. We specialise in small loads to domestic house holds which is why if you worried about access, not a problem, our small lorries are able to reach even the hardest of reach places. 

Looking for something else? 


Type 1 Harlow

Type 1 recycled crushed concrete, Type 1 MOT and Type 1 Granite or Limestone all available here. 



Tarmac planings, limestone scalpings, we stock both. 


sharp sand.jpg

Available for free delivery. Click here to find out more!


Fine gravel, natural stones.jpg

Get your 10m & 20 m white or gold shingle right here


Ballast Harlow.jpg

We supply 10m and 20m. Free delivery. 


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Gardening turf and landscaping bark also available for delivery

What is Topsoil? 

Topsoil is essentially decaying organic matter and the upper layer of our earths crust. It is full of microorganisms and nutrients and at the right PH makes an ideal habitat  for plants to feed off. Topsoil helps to lock in moisture around a plants roots while draining excess water rapidy. It should free from contaminants and possess the right physical structure, composition and acidity to make it ideal for using in flower beds. 

What is Topsoil used for?

Topsoil is mainly used for gardening projects and flower beds. It can also be used to provide a base layer for turfing or seeding of a new lawn. During the construction of a lot of new builds, the excavation process usually means that the majority of topsoil has been removed. Therefore lorry loads of topsoil are usually brought in and spread to provide the base for, lawns, turf and flower beds. 


How much will it cost? 

Prices for Topsoil start at £16 per ton**. Its is available in loose ton loads or in 750kg bulk bags. Here at Herts and Essex aggregates we pride ourselves in supplying you with only the finest grade premium topsoil meaning that you can rest assured that what your putting into your garden is going to be great for your lawn, plants and flower beds. 










**this price is based on a 20 ton load. Prices may vary according to quantity ordered. 

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